Have You Found What You’re Looking For??

Interesting question don’t you think?

I know I spent a long time examining different business models both online and offline, looking for something that I felt would REALLY work for me.

I kept hearing people say how important it was to really connect with something. To have a passion for something, and not to sell yourself short on the ability to be an authority on a subject you felt that way about.

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Hey guys!

Andy Benson here again. Sorry I haven’t posted for so long!

I just had to share this one with you though. For a while now I have been fine tuning my blog, getting my new product “The Online Starter Kit” on there and doing some SEO work to better index my site in the search engines.

I’m really happy with how it looks now, but there’s always been one thing that has really bugged me about my blog…..

“The Online Starter Kit” Is Now LIVE!!

Hey guys!

You may remember a while ago I made a commitment to you, that I would create a product showing you “step by step” how to build an online business the right way by ensuring you have ALL the foundations securely in place before you even think about going out there and making money online.

Well the response to that post was fantastic, which showed me this was something that needed to be done!

The Countdown Is ON!!

Hey Everyone!

Andy Benson back with another exciting update to my online business!

As you all know I am currently being mentored by both Dean Holland & Alex Jeffreys so it’s safe to say I’m in good hands!

A couple of weeks back there was a Internet Marketing Summit in Manchester UK which I really wanted to attend, but couldn’t due to prior commitments. I was gutted that I couldn’t make it, but it was un-avoidable.

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Hey everyone!

Andy Benson back on the airwaves to share yet another small but great development in my online business and my blog!

You may have noticed that all my posts have now been shortened to a few paragraphs with a link underneath to click if you want to read the whole post.

This allows me to put just a “taster” of each post on the blog and then people can click on the link if they want to read more.

My Progress So Far…

Hey Guys! Andy Benson back again with another update on how my new internet business is going!

Not so very long ago I was lost, fed up, bouncing from one email offer to another, reading all the hyped up sales pages, chasing the dream of EASY MONEY online.

Well guess what? It doesn’t exist! The sooner you get your head around that one and accept that this is a BUSINESS like any other, the sooner you’re gonna start and see results.

My First Sale From Forum Posting!

I had to quickly write this post! Last night I started posting in the forums. I started this exercise purely in an effort to drive targeted traffic to my blog.

“Go to the forums, get involved, post some replies to threads where people are asking questions and try to help out if you can. Make sure you give some value back to the forum community and you will start to build relationships with people, and the traffic will start to come to your blog”.